1 Jul

Enjoy the long weekend everyone! I plan  on doing a whole lot of this for the next 3 days.

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Dream Kitchen

24 May

If traditional and eclectic had a baby in the form of a kitchen, this would be it. I love it…and I can’t even cook.

Source: Rue Magazine

Trend Spotting | Neon

19 May

One thing on my list this summer is to amp up the Painted Pixel, starting….now. Recurring themed posts are something I’ve been meaning to add for a while. So, without further procrastination, here it is your first Trend Spotting post all about, Neon.

I mentioned in a previous post that I joined Pinterest. There are too many reasons to list why I love it (I’ve been a pinning fiend lately!) but one of the major ones is that it allows users to get a holistic look at what’s floating around the blog world. That reason alone really inspired this post. The hues of the 80’s seem to have found their way to the design world. Bight yellows and greens are in for spring, plain white rooms with splashes of color on a door frame or window have been popular and even logo’s have been showing up with bright hues. Even with my love for “non-color”, I’m really loving these splashes of brights.

Source: Dilly Dallas, Design Work Life, LookBook.nu, Black*Eiffel

As Promised…

16 May

Finally, I’ve landed on some bedroom decor inspiration that I can stick to. Previously, I mentioned that I was on the hunt for some new pieces for my bedroom. I have the basics that will be easy to build off of…white comforter, patterned grey rug and a desk & dresser. Both the desk and dresser could use some refinishing to jazz them up…summer project?

After doing some digging, I’m only a few pieces away from really changing things up. The list includes an oversized mirror, colorful upholstered headboard, large framed patterned prints (I think I can make these myself), and finally an antique piece to add some character. If I could find a ladder, like the one above, that would be perfect! (props to Elissa’s Pinterest for the find)

Source: Pinterest


5 May

Great news everyone, I folded and joined Pinterest! I didn’t really have much of a reason for not joining, I think i just had a little anxiety about managing another social media account. But I’m glad I decided otherwise! If you have yet to check it out I highly recommend you do so, I have been a pinning fiend so far, and would love to follow your boards! Enjoy!

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Royal Favorites

29 Apr

If any of you reading this weren’t up at 3:30AM like I was, you are probably lying. Today was finally the big day, The Royal Wedding. As of a week ago I can’t say I had much interest in the whole thing, but once I started paying a little more attention to the details of this real life fairytale, I was HOOKED! A favorite detail of mine was most definitely the guest’s head wear. Some were completely fabulous, and others…well, some were a little ‘less’ fabulous. None the less, I really fell in love with this British tradition. The Queen even shied away from her usual blue suits and opted for a great yellow get up. My own Grandma only ever breaks out yellow for special occasions…If I ever need to spot her at church, there is a particular yellow trench coat that is a usual dead giveaway.

Any other details that you loved?

Have a great weekend everyone, it’s time for this girl to get some coffee, I still have a day of work to stay awake for!

Source: TooFab

Long over due

27 Apr

You probably thought I forgot about you? Wrong. It has been a busy few weeks (poor excuse I know) but I have let a few things slip….blogging being one. So in the spirit of getting back on the right blogging track, a new post to start your Thursday!

I feel that many of my decorating endevors start out with the best intentions, get the classic basics then ad some color later. Well, in the case of my bedroom, the color hasn’t happened. Over the next few days I am going to be combing the earth for some inspiration to share with you. Until then, my room will continue to look about as white as the one above (but far less cute!).

Source: Decor8


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